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#100Days- 11/100

Nothing new or clever to say regarding #100Days.

Simply that I am getting more organized, and that I am so incredibly tired.

Lately, I have been waking up throughout the night. I jolt suddenly into consciousness, my whole body feeling like it is on fire with ideas for my videos. Simultaneously, it is alight with an entirely different fire of reawakened ceramics related muscular pains / injuries.

Whenever I dive into new work, I start having issues with getting enough rest. I get yanked out of deep sleep by obsessive thoughts (which is why I do so much better when I am actively making and exhausting myself).

Romantic, workaholic sleep deprivation aside- I want to go on the record and say last night I stayed up too late for reasons above and beyond my obsessive thinking. I was YouTube deep diving into banal videos on pet care- an attempt to cease my obsessing over the numerous art responsibilities I am juggling. ✨❤️‍🔥 I watched so many episodes of Caesar Milan’s CAESAR 911 and I will not apologize for this reality-tv consumption. YOU WIN SOME YOU LOSE SOME. ✨

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