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Caitlin Mary Margarett Sørensdatter is an American artist working in durational performance and contemporary craft. Through the combination of antiques and handmade objects, CMM generates memoir and autotheory-based work that aims to invoke apparitions; that which cannot be recovered or fully known. By evoking nostalgia and solastalgia, her cyclical, symmetrical, and hyper-repetitive performative projects demand the analysis of our ties to place, ancestry, and future children as we brace for the full impact of our climate crisis. She holds a BFA in performance art, and will be completing her MFA in 4D from University of Wisconsin Madison in 2024. 


​Her work has been shown throughout the Midwest; at 2022's Fringe Arts Bath festival in Bath, England; at 2021's Miami Art Week as a part of the PERFORMANCE IS ALIVE / Satellite Show that runs concurrent with Art Basel Miami; at Louisiana State University for the 2019 Queeramics Symposium; in Ceramics Monthly; Emergency Index V. 8 and V. 9; and Aesthetica Magazine. 


Thanks! I'll be in contact soon.

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