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Caitlin Mary Margarett is a Midwestern artist, born and raised between Minnesota and Iowa. She is currently working across disciplines and holds a BFA in performance art and a BA in art history from the University of Northern Iowa (2018).


Since finishing undergrad, CMM's work has shifted from seeking an esthetic, spiritual ambience to an immediate, frenetic urgency about our climate crisis. She has been analyzing her local, rural ecology and considering the Midwest landscape as an article of history in and of itself. Through her 100 Days project, a series that cataloged much of her surrounding landscape and domestic rituals at the onset of the pandemic, CMM generated work that considered time, ecological and cultural erosion, and grief. 

Through her art practice, she is attempting to make sense of her own feminist spirituality within systems of flourishing and suffering. CMM's work has always highlighted and asked questions about individual agency, and the experience of being locked in cycles of redemption and reemergence. These reoccurring threads, now woven into narratives around site specificity and our connection to place, coalesce into new work that asks what our own individual roles and journeys are as we brace for the impact of our climate emergency.  


Her work has been shown throughout the Midwest, at Louisiana State University for the Queeramics Symposium, in Ceramics Monthly, Emergency Index V. 8 and V. 9, and Aesthetica Magazine. She is currently preparing for her research trip and solo show in Berlin, Germany, at LiTEHAUS GALERIE & PROJEKTRAUM, slated for early 2022. CMM's next upcoming solo show is scheduled at ARTIFACT Gallery, New York, NY, on January 11-29, 2023. 

She is currently living and making work in Madison, Wisconsin.

CMM attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison, seeking an MFA in 4D (2024).


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