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100 Days

 Beginning on March 1st, 2020, I made one hundred performance videos over the course of one hundred days, a nod to Marilyn Arsem’s 100 Ways to Consider Time. Through the individual videos and their compilation, the 100 Days series created meaning out of my domestic rituals and rural landscapes amidst the isolation of the pandemic. The health crisis pushed my artistic boundaries, forcing me to reorient myself and rely solely on digital means of working after I lost access to my physical studio. As Iowa began to partially shut down, performance became the vehicle that allowed me to engage with more rural sites and find meaning in domestic practices. From filming in abandoned cemeteries to sprawling cornfields, I experienced Iowa as a living, active history. In organizing household items, instruments, and vintage photographs, I found stillness. Interacting with highly curated or neglected landscapes, and spending more time than ever in my home, reintroduced me to my surroundings and heightened my sense of urgency regarding our environmental crisis and my sense of agency. The 100 Days series formed a time-capsule, distilling the onset of the pandemic in moments that felt both insular and universal.

100 Days was on view at Public Space One's Open Air Media Festival August 28th and 29th, 2020.​

To see every individual performance, search the hashtags #100Days and #PerformanceADay on Instagram.

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