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#100Days- Day 4/100

Today was so heavily wet and stormy, I knew it would be a hauskeeping / research day for the #100Days. #KarenORourke’s book “Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers” was given to me by my art history professor / mentor in undergrad as a graduation gift. I have many a time popped this book open and read sections, but I am now slowly working my way cover to cover.

If you’ve seen my video (up on YouTube), you’ll know that I am still hunting for the linchpin to the #100Days project. Starting this whole thing over is so absurdly hard. Completely changing my vision and pushing myself to see things with fresh eyes is brutal. That being said, though:

How often have I been given the chance to start a huge project over with little to no repercussions, other than some time lost?

I think that is a mighty gift.



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