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#100Days- 9/100

Today is the 8th day of the #100Days project, and the first day of #pride.

I spent today writing, working at the studio, and staring out over the beautiful lake as the sun began its descent.

Here, I want to breathe and simply say that finally accepting that I was a lesbian, and that I not only deserved love but deserved the right to be openly queer, has been the biggest boon in my life.

I get to enjoy this life because I can be known and understood more deeply now that I no longer dismember attributes of my soul to seem more palatable. In remembering who I am, fully, I am not only serving myself but all the other closeted folks who hide behind various guises to avoid the scary, scary, scary truth of being something other than heterosexual. I finally feel deeply alright in my bones, and that is overwhelming due to being openly gay and consuming gay culture, media, imagery, and writing like life-giving water.

Jess and I are approaching our anniversary. To be openly in love with them has been the most life altering, energy shifting, planet moving experience. And now we live in this beautiful place.

All love eventually becomes help.

Happy first day of #pridemonth


Love you.

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