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#100Days- 8/100

Officially one week into the #100Days project.

In all honestly- I am grinding and not yet seeing where it is at.

What I learned from doing this durational practice in spring 2020 was that there are distinct production humps. These hurtles feel like adamantine failure and require nothing short of tooth-grinding commitment and pain killer.

Getting through the first few weeks, hunting for equilibrium and clarity in the project, is the first speed bump. It is an arduous pulling, as if trying to wade through molasses. The work doesn’t want to be born yet, as it is still gestating. It’s just primordial goo at this point in time and rushing things along will NOT transform the idea-goo into anything other than more goo.

It’s simply not ready yet.

Today’s performative act of seeking was found in a golden hour walk after what felt like a fruitless session in the studio.

I didn’t produce one thing today that felt complete, helpful, or like it actually was upbuilding to the project. This mule-like, determined constancy to my work always eventually yields a strong product but my GOD do I hate this initial creation-hump.



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