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#100Days- 6/100

Same tall grasses, different locations.

This first photo reveals grasses from Cedar Falls, IA. The image set in deeper cobalt-turquoise blue is the first prairie I fell in love with.

The second image is from today, in my most recent stomping grounds- Governor Nelson’s State Park.

I have been working towards stitching some threads together for this project.

The more I photograph and film, the more clearly I see some semblance of something taking shape that goes beyond aesthetics.

I was watching @aliabdaal’s YouTube video on how he got his blog moving, despite not know what to share that could add clear value to those who read it. In the video he talks about and with author #AustinKleon, who wrote the book “Show Your Work.” Abdaal spoke about how through writing online and feeling compelled to share his work, the writing inherently became more clear and focused so that it was possible to be consumed by others.

Showing the work actually pulled the product into existence. In his interview with Abdaal, Kleon said: “what is interesting about having a blog or some sort of daily project- even if it’s like I post one thing to Instagram every day…having something that you have to do every day, you find out it’s not that you HAVE something to say. It’s that you find out WHAT you have to say…I have more to say BECAUSE I sit down and write every day, and I figure out what I’m thinking and WHAT it is that I have to say.”

So, this is my small gesture of thanks, and quiet gesture of figuring out what I am filled with.

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