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#100Days- 5/100

Oh look, another rainy day. I guess I will resign myself to reading and writing and planning…✨

I have read #ClarissaPinkolaEstés book “Women Who Run with the Wolves” cover to cover, section by section. My copy is so battered from living in my purse and backpack. I know this book is somewhat essentialist, but I always approach it with a more forgiving and genderqueer lens (it was written in 1992, and I think from Estés’ other works, she would have adapted her language to be more reflective of gender as a less binary / essentialist thing if this was released more recently). It has been so important for me personally. As I have attempted to become less generally afraid of the natural world and the outdoors, I have routinely come back to this book. I may seem like a naturalist from my feed, but I am absolutely terrified of and allergic to everything outside. I want to achieve a level of comfort in the spaces outside the boundaries of my home. This book has often helped center me in a deeper knowing, and feel like I have a place in the world. This book also inspired @the_deep_song_, which is launching late next month.

I am so grateful for Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Her book “Untie the Strong Woman” was the cornerstone to my BFA show. Her writing is so healing to me.

Only praise and howling on this end.

Black cup by @cabynfever 🖤 (Her Etsy:

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