The Performance a Day project is a series of one hundred performance videos created over the course of one hundred days (March 1st, 2020 - June 8th, 2020). I set out making these videos as a response to a lull in my studio practice that felt volatile and corrosive in the face of a global pandemic. What I wanted was to be on fire, veering through esthetic and cultural questions, especially as I processed my complex emotions related to covid-19. I desired to re-learn video and auditory methods. I had to find a way to sketch and refine performative ideas that had sat in my head, lukewarm in development, for the better part of the year. The series gave birth to a revitalized spirit, and re-instilled a sense of obligation and discipline in myself to my studio practice and to my own wellness. 

Every performance that I documented was a small sketch- an exercise in identifying moments for performative opportunity in the domestic sphere and in rural landscapes. The policy became “the best camera is the camera you have with you.” Some performance sketches were shot on a dying iPhone 7, others on a newish iPhone 10, and finally a DSLR once it became clear that this little attempt at consistent production needed consistent video quality. The work I generated considered time in a domestic and larger ecological sense, as I drifted between documenting in my partner’s home and in rural, isolated Iowan cemeteries. This series allowed me to experiment with landscape, questions of the feminine body in those spaces, and more with little pressure. With the reassurance of each video being a sketch, an idea, I was able to synthesize my interests into a visual language. These ideas were given breathing room and a gestation period for development. Individually, the videos are sketches. Playing them all together, however, they become a time capsule which elucidates a journey of untangling larger concerns my long-form performances consider and are able to more fully take to task. 

To see every individual performance, search the hashtag #performanceaday on Instagram.


This series will begin again, in a new format, on March 1st, 2021, and end on June 8th, 2021.